Ten questions to help the development team understand your business vision

mark middleton
Posted by Mark

3 minute read

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Understanding and clarifying the business vision of your SaaS platform, mobile or web app is a must do activity before you start any of the development process.

You are probably very excited about your app idea and want to make it real as soon as possible. You can taste the success and are imagining thousands of happy users engaging with and loving your app. You’re fired up and just want to get the development started! We love this kind of passion in our partners but it’s important that you take a step back and answer some questions.

  1. What problem is the app solving?
  2. Who will be the end users of my product?
  3. What benefit does it generate for its users?
  4. How does it make my users feel?
  5. What features are the most crucial in the app?
  6. What does a minimum viable product look like?
  7. How will I monetise it? Subscriptions? Adverts?
  8. What are my long and short term goals?
  9. How can I measure the end result to determine if my goals have been met?
  10. What differentiates my product from my competitors?

You might already know all the answers for your business vision and that’s excellent! But it’s not enough to just know them, write them down and discuss them with your team, colleagues and friends. The litmus test is this: do they understand your vision?