Bespoke software services for ambitious enterprises

For many organisations, the right software services are the difference between so-so and smashing it. Great technology fits seamlessly into your business, that’s why we build bespoke solutions to match your exact requirements. From time-saving tools to cost-reducing technology, we’ll work with you to identify your business goals and how our bespoke software and web development services can help you achieve and exceed your targets.

  • Bespoke Software & Technology Services

    Zaltek offers a variety of services designed to elevate your business output in the digital space:

    Bespoke Software: Zaltek Digital specializes in creating tailored software solutions to address specific business needs, aiming to make technology adapt to the organization rather than the other way around.

    Beautiful Website Design: At Zaltek, we understand the importance of a visually appealing and functional website, offering services ranging from eCommerce solutions to customized web development.

    Data Analysis & Business Insights: Zaltek Digital helps businesses make sense of their data using tools like Tableau, Metabase, and PowerBI to extract actionable insights for better decision-making and impactful strategic planning.

    SaaS Solutions: Zaltek Digital offer expertise in developing Software as a Service (SaaS) products, focusing on user experience (UX), user interface (UI), and accessibility to create intuitive digital solutions.

    CTO as a Service: Benefit and grow with expert-level tech advice and support through Zaltek Digital’s CTO as a Service offering, targeting startups and scale-ups to optimize tech utilization and minimize costs.

  • NHS & Public Sector Software Services

    Zaltek have helped the National Health Service, HM Coastguard, Maritime Coastguard Agengy, and more, acheive their digital goals with software solutions:

    NHS: Zaltek Digital develop bespoke systems for healthcare providers, utilizing the latest technologies and NHS APIs to ensure interoperability and security. We analyze data to enhance decision-making and support the NHS in digital transformation.

    Public Sector: Specializing in government projects, Zaltek Digital delivers intelligent technological solutions with their JANUS platform, focusing on cost reduction and maximizing margins. We are active in the ParishOnline and Local Gov Drupal communities, and provide regular updates throughout projects.

    User Research: Prioritizing user needs, Zaltek conducts comprehensive user research following GDS principles to deliver successful products with credible insights and detailed reports.

    Drupal: Offering dedicated Drupal support, listed services on G-Cloud and ‘Digital Outcomes & Specialists’, Zaltek has extensive experience with Drupal implementations, migrations, and hosting using AWS, including expertise in Drupal 7, 8, and 9 as well as headless Drupal projects.

  • Managed IT & Cloud Services

    IT Service Management from Zaltek allows businesses to work with peace of mind.

    Discover unparalleled ITSM with modern, functional solutions. At Zaltek, we redefine efficiency, ensuring seamless operations for your business.

    From proactive issue resolution to robust system optimization, our skilled team guarantees airtight IT infrastructure. Enjoy consistent reliability and productivity as we tailor solutions to your unique needs. Elevate your business with our comprehensive IT service management, designed to propel you forward in the digital era.

    Experience excellence, innovation, and a proactive approach to IT support with Zaltek IT Service Management. Your success is our priority.

  • Software Consultancy

    The world of software development is vast. From development through to project management, QA and even content, there are so many moving parts. With our expert consultants, you can supplement your team and tap into industry-leading expertise without the hassle or cost of recruitment.


    Whether you’re taking a new product to market or need help identifying and fixing bugs in a vital SaaS platform, our software consultants can help. To make things even easier, all of our consultants are BPSS-certified and Agile trained, so they fit seamlessly into your existing infrastructure. We even provide a Mac, desk space and Teams, should you need it.


    Learn more about our software consultancy services, or get in touch today to get started.

  • Digital Transformations

    Our digital transformation services Streamline business processes through digital tools and automation which can lead to increased efficiency and productivity, reducing operational costs and saving time for your organisation.

    Embracing digital technologies will allow your company to be more agile and responsive to market changes which in turn will foster innovation and keep your company competitive.

    For our enterprise customers, we integrate seamlessly into your SIAM layer, creating immidiate value.

    Our expert team at Zaltek Digital will work with you to understand your requirements, your mission, and your core business values to ensure you receive a bespoke solution.