JANUS Platform for Government Projects

You get the contract, we build the software

Treat Zaltek as an extension of your team. With JANUS, we help government IT suppliers build and deliver technology for key projects. Great technology is what sets you above the rest, so make sure you’ve got a team you can trust on-hand to develop and maintain the technology for your organisation’s government projects.

What is JANUS?

JANUS is Zaltek Digital’s in-house GOV.UK engineering platform. We help take government projects to the next level.

The complete development suite provides all quality controls, cloud services to build, test and deploy. We’ve already worked closely with government suppliers to transform their digital offering, including in the development of a cutting-edge app for the Marine Management Organisation.

Try a live demo of JANUS

Ready to see JANUS in-action? Try the interactive demo below to see how JANUS can help deliver your government project.

Our team is your team

Zaltek’s in-house programmers specialise in creating digital solutions for government projects. We use our bespoke JANUS platform developed by the Zaltek engineers to deliver rapid results, including cutting costs, saving time and improving business processes.

There are a number of great reasons to use JANUS for your government project. With predictable deliveries, experienced team and thorough process tracking, we can help keep you on track. By outsourcing your software delivery to us with JANUS, you will be utilising our team of experts in React, Node, Javascript, Java, Spring and Mongo technologies. Here’s our full technology stack:

All in all, JANUS will help you improve your margins, reduce delivery risks and improve working processes.

Keeping you in the loop

When you work with Zaltek on your government project, your goals are always our highest priority. That’s why all of our clients receive a “Showcase Pack”, which highlights progress, updates, screenshots, working software, code coverage, testing videos and much more. So you can replay all updates to your stakeholders.

Test, test and test again

Creating a great product requires accurate and consistent testing. We write automated tests, walking users through the product on-screen and simulating various user scenarios. We also capture code coverage metrics from these walkthroughs, proving the usefulness of our robust testing (in a way that stakeholders understand).

JANUS Platform Features

The JANUS platform boasts a broad spectrum of features. Every element of JANUS is carefully considered to drive real value to its users. We’ve not weighed down unnecessary processes or overly complex interfaces - instead, we keep things as simple as they can be, while still delivering a fully comprehensive product.

  • Next Level Usability

    We produce fully Javascript-enabled pages to meet user expectations of slick websites, including fast load times and smooth page transitions. You’ll also have access to a full React component library, covering the Government design system toolkit, so everything is consistent and on-brand.

    While javascript-enabled pages guarantee a great UX, many government suppliers must provide websites with javascript disabled for those working on older operating systems. Offering both solutions is a hard thing to achieve without negatively impacting the UX and escalating development costs. JANUS has that covered as we support users on a broad range of systems.

    Even offline users are met with a great experience. Turn on the offline banner as a safe fallback for times when your users’ have an unreliable internet connection.

  • Performance Is Key

    Performance is paramount with mobile-first apps. With optimised browser caching, you can ensure that network traffic is kept to an absolute minimum and, as a result, your project performs the best it possibly can.

  • Staying Secure

    When it comes to security, government IT suppliers spend a lot of time nailing the details, including auto-sign out after expiry time and session management for users. With JANUS, we’ve done the hard work already, so you don’t have to

  • Go for Growth

    The right setup means a firm foundation for growth. JANUS supports the integration of Google products, including Tag Manager, so you can actively carry out market research, monitor funnel goals, provide live user support and more.