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Posted by Kibria

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We had a fantastic time last week taking Sam, Adam, and Joshua from St Marys Catholic High School under our wing at Zaltek Digital and offering them work experience in the world of tech and design. They were engaged from start to finish not only learning about us but also applying what they learnt to help us carry out user research, designing prototypes, and even writing some code! 

Sam, Adam, and Joshua have wrote about their personal experience at Zaltek last week:

Sam: “I enjoyed my experience at Zaltek as I was able to gain more knowledge in a field which I was not familiar with; I am now able to have more confidence in what I know about computing, developing and coding. I especially liked that I was able to find out more about design as this is an area that I am especially passionate about and want to pursue in the future. My experience at Zaltek was great because I was also able to understand how a professional work environment functions day-to-day; from each person, I was able to gain a greater understanding of what each member of the team does – how they are able to achieve their tasks and how they are able to overcome challenges with their clients. Watching this in a real workplace allowed me to grasp a much greater understanding.”

Adam: “I thoroughly enjoyed my experience at Zaltek! During my work experience here, I experimented with the idea of web design and web development – I even got to see what the owner of a business, Ann-Marie Middleton, gets up to in running the business on a regular day. I personally believe that the place of work chosen in Quorum Business Park was a perfect location for this consultancy and everyone here gave their full attention and help in educating us: teaching us how to code certain python programs which we hadn’t learned yet in school. My personal favourite aspect of this day was the warm atmosphere and hospitality towards all the work experience students. All I can say is a final thank you to everyone who works here and that they are doing an excellent job.”

Joshua: “Today I have learnt about many aspects of a software business and have thoroughly enjoyed it. I liked the well-structured atmosphere; as a result of a pre-determined plan for any given day, everything was organised and efficient. The office environment also added to this atmosphere with cheery faces and smiles from all the staff, who were also very helpful in explaining their roles and answering questions. I also enjoyed the back-end development part of the consultancy. My work experience has provided me with a helpful, first-hand insight that now allows me to explain how computer science can be applied to the real world and where this career path can take me. Overall, I believe the Zaltek team have helped all of us in learning about this industry.”