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Localgov Drupal Support and Theme

Zaltek Digital won a tender to deliver the alpha phase of their new Localgov Drupal website.

Localgov Drupal is a publicly owned asset, aimed at providing a better web service for citizens and to create a community of developers, content designers and digital leaders from local councils across the UK.

The product is a Drupal based, open-source website publishing platform that aims to “create sector wide digital transformation by developing a shared pool of code, resources, research and expertise”.

The product has received high praise and some councils are already hosting their own websites built on the platform. The next step for many of these councils is to customise and adapt their websites to best suit their citizen’s needs, as well as beginning to figure out how to actually use it…


the Localgov Drupal demo theme

The Localgov Drupal demo theme


The Challenge

Luton Borough Council asked us to deliver the alpha stage of their new public facing website.   With our collective expertise in delivering government projects, the scope was to deliver:

  • – Drupal technical development skills.
  • – Alpha Prototype workshops.
  • – A Luton specific theme and homepage.
  • – Custom content types, views, blocks and pages.
  • – Localgov Drupal coordination to contribute to their standards development.
  • – Expertise to their IT team.
  • – Website ready for Go-Live


Our custom Localgov Drupal theme for Luton

Our custom Localgov Drupal theme for Luton


Our Approach


We worked in close communication with Luton Borough Council, collaborating on Miro to pinpoint key thematic elements and page components. We also posted bug reports and sought advice on the Localgov Drupal slack channel, contributing to their open-source community.


Miro board collaboration in action

Miro board collaboration in action


We conducted user research and took inspiration from some of Luton’s core design concepts from their original website to ensure their users would still feel at home on their new home page.


The old Luton homepage

The original Luton homepage


Luton's new homepage

Luton’s new homepage


We used our strong background in Drupal to understand the design goals of the localgov distribution, so we could seamlessly integrate our tailor-made custom blocks, views and pages. Additionally we isolated elements of the existing Localgov Drupal components to add our own tweaks and styling.


Our custom "latest events" view block

Our custom “latest events” view block


We held fortnightly “show and tell” meetings to keep Luton in the loop, as well as receive feedback on the additions we had made. These meetings kept our workflow in line with Luton’s priorities and allowed us to adapt new ideas into the website as they occurred.


Slide from a show & tell

Slide from a show & tell


We held coaching sessions with Luton’s IT lead, explaining the ins and outs of the platform.  This was further supplemented by pre-prepared short format Loom video tutorials.



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