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Building a dashboard for Duo Consulting

The Challenge

Have you ever considered the impact of behaviour in your business?

That was exactly why the team from Duo Consulting approached Zaltek Digital – to help design and develop a tool that could create a bespoke strategy to boost a company’s success.

The Duo Behavioural Map provides managers with a blueprint to help them guide their team to achieve higher levels of performance, build deeper relationships and predict how someone will behave and perform if a company decides to hire them.

Our Approach

The initial brief was relatively open ended, which meant we were able to work very closely with the client to develop the tools they needed as the project progressed.

We combined iterative design with research to develop the user journeys, the layouts and the interactions that make up the core of how customers use the application. The project was spearheading behavioural science in the workplace, so reports were needed to communicate this data graphically as data visualisations or “maps”.

Our work focussed on maximising the user interactions with the application, whilst maintaining a high success rate of completed surveys.

The system is built on the MERN (Mongo, Express, React Nodejs) stack, and is a containerised solution utilising Kubernetes, deployed on Digital Ocean.

The dashboard view uses Chart.js to show an administrator how the system is being utilised in real time, presenting the client with a graphical representation of the number of active sessions and the number of End-users that have registered on the system.

The site uses the Mailgun service to notify end-users via email that their reports have been generated. A bespoke reporting module was written to generate a PDF for each completed questionnaire, with a different report generated for each of the different types of End-user.

The Results

The project took approximately three months to complete from start to finish.

Working with Duo Consulting was a very refreshing experience. We really enjoyed working on this project because we felt like we were creating value with each iteration.

Mark Middleton

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