SaaS Solution – Helping Businesses Take Control of Customer Consent

In the wake of the launch of GDPR, businesses identified a need for increased knowledge and support around data management. When Optinze approached us to develop a SaaS solution for customer consent, we knew that time was of the essence. 

We delivered CTO As a Service and SaaS Development that allowed Optinze to take the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) to market as quickly as possible, taking advantage of the heightened need for compliance software surrounding data protection. Helping Businesses Take Control of Customer Consent

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SaaS Solutions – The Challenge

As with all great SaaS solutions, we started with the problem and worked backwards. A number of challenges faced us when it came to developing this solution, the first of which being speed to market. A hot topic at the time, there was a distinct market need to develop and implement a smart solution to support organisations with customer consent – as fast as possible.

While it was important to be one of the first-to-market with a solution of this type. We also needed to ensure that the tool was delivering the right advice. And therefore also supporting its users in a compliant way.

When it comes to GDPR and protecting customer data, there is no room for error. Businesses with poor data protection processes would rely heavily on Optinze to provide an accurate and compliant end product.

And finally, we were presented with challenges surrounding the integration into existing systems, including prevalent CRM solutions. The Optinze tool needed to fit seamlessly into existing business processes and deliver real and trusted value to its users. 

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SaaS Solution – Our Approach

When developing and delivering the customer consent platform for Optinze, we approached the task with three key pillars in mind:


With the implementation of GDPR just around the corner at the time, it was paramount that we delivered the MVP within the fastest possible timeframe. It wasn’t just about the SaaS development, but also the implementation and adoption. We had to ensure a rapid deployment of the product, so users could ensure compliance before GDPR.  And therefore minimise risks of data breaches and potential penalties.


While for many the realm of data protection is anything but simple, we focused heavily on delivering a SaaS product with simplicity at the core. The solution would need to implement into a number of different organisations, where no two skills levels or data risks are the same. 

We enabled consent capture in an intuitive customer micro portal, with the opportunity for bespoke CRM integrations after the MVP release.


With increased attention on data protection, we expect business requirements for a data management tool will only grow. As a result, we worked to build a flexible solution with multiple portals as required. 

The final SaaS solution would be easy to administer and require minimal input from IT departments. Additionally, we made sure the customer consent tool was responsive and designed to work on all devices. All of these measures ensured that the SaaS product would fit seamlessly into existing business infrastructures with minimal disruption.

SaaS Solution – The results

Thanks to the above three pillars of our build strategy, we delivered an MVP and then a final product that helped businesses to manage customer consent. While still in time for the launch of GDPR. 

The SaaS solution not only ensured compliance across the board and mitigated the risk for financial penalties under tougher data protection laws, but it also allowed for a slicker interaction with existing CRM tools.


"Mark and the Zaltek team came highly recommended to us and I feel confident in passing on this recommendation to any organisation looking to outsource software development. This project had a tight timeframe and, thankfully, Zaltek was able to deliver above and beyond expectations. Modern consumers want to know how businesses were storing and using their data, and thanks to the powerful Optinze platform built by Zaltek, we are able to reassure and empower businesses to navigate GDPR."

- Darren Pratt, Founder