Plain sailing for Marine Management Organisation

In our mission to develop and deliver technology that brings real value to its users, we’re proud to share the results of a recent government app development project. Working in partnership with a London design consultancy, we developed a mobile app that allows fishermen to record their daily catch with the Marine Management Organisation (MMO).

Since launching the app, the MMO has registered thousands of catch records and has over 1,300 active users on both Android and Apple devices. Keep reading to find out how we created a product that fit seamlessly into the busy lives of fisherman all over the country.

The challenge

In order to bring a traditional industry like fishing into the mobile age, we needed to prove the invaluable use of mobile technology. The app would be an asset to fishermen, improving their communications with the MMO and streamlining processes.

The MMO did not have the capacity to build the app in-house, particularly in a complicated environment such as this. We understood the task at hand and how to deliver an app that fishermen would want to use on a daily basis.

Of course, one of the biggest challenges is that there is often little-to-no internet connection at sea. So, the end product needed to have an effective sync tool, so information isn’t lost. Equally, the app would need to be functional without an online connection and the UI & UX design would reflect this.

And finally, as this was a government project the app would need to meet a number of regulations and guidelines.

phone emulations of marine management site

Our Approach

As specialists in building mobile-first solutions, we understand that all mobile users are different. By taking the time to gain insight into how the fishermen used their mobile devices, both away at sea and on dry land, we were able to develop an end product that they loved.

Simple but appealing UI design was key. This was due to it being so often what shapes the first impressions of a digital solution like this. We focused on developing an intuitive UX workflow, so fishermen could easily use the app without reading training materials.

Since there is often little-to-no internet connection at sea, we developed the app to be fully functional when offline. Fishermen can record catches while at sea and the app will sync once the connection is reinstated.

phone emulations of marine management site

Software stack

We followed the same WCAG2.1 AA standards as would be applied to a web application.

The results

We developed and delivered one of the first UK government apps to be available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Accessible to fishermen wherever they may be, this app is a powerful technology solution that supports the transition of a traditional discipline into the digital age.

The app is tailored to the user. From clean UI design to simple and intuitive UX design, this solution is second-nature to all users. But most importantly, supports sporadic internet connectivity. 

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