Bespoke Software – Automation is key for AGCO

When it comes to working with traditional industries like agriculture and manufacturing, it’s important to identify the bugbears first and develop a bespoke software solution that truly improves working processes.

Our work with AGCO is no different, as we built and delivered bespoke software to automate their labour-intensive businesses processes.

Over a three year period, we worked on a number of highly technical solutions that are unique to AGCO’s business environment. From lead generation to an internal training platform, data integrations and a performance metrics platform, our software engineers acted as a go-to resource for any technical product development.

ipad user in a wheat field

The Challenge

Working with an organisation like AGCO presents a number of challenges for any contractor. This is due to it being one of the world’s largest agricultural equipment manufacturers. Moreover, AGCO carries out complex operations in territories all over the world.

The overall aim of each product was to improve business processes, save time and cut costs for AGCO. In order to deliver a technical solution that would be seen by users as an asset rather than a liability, we carried out ongoing research and development. It was paramount that key stakeholders were part of the discussion from day one.

All solutions would need to be capable of handling vast quantities of data. But also enable seamless communication via several integration points.

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Our Approach

Throughout our time working with AGCO to deliver software solutions, we worked on a number of key products that were all specific to the organisation’s unique business environment.

Bringing lead generation in a traditional space into the digital age is never easy. We developed a bespoke lead generation software that allowed tractor dealerships to monitor and allocate customer leads. This enabled a seamless communication pathway between the satellite dealerships and the corporate environments. In addition, we developed a performance metrics platform that allowed the European management teams to tap into invaluable data on a dealership level.

Alongside the lead generation tool, we worked closely with AGCO to deliver a training platform and data integration products. Both tools connect areas of the business that are often based in different territories. Whilst also allowing users to access vital information required to do their jobs from just about anywhere.

Finally, we provided AGCO with a language translator that negated communication issues across multiple countries. The tool supported the translation of AGCO’s CRM and minimised the need for in-person training to encourage user adoption.

In short, through a combination of off-the-shelf cloud services and bespoke software development, we delivered a cost-effective and scalable platform. Made to fit an enterprise of this scale.

For us, it was about gaining a wider understanding of the business needs and how bespoke technology could solve problems and improve processes. On the basis of open communication and active relationship building, we gained a unique insight into how AGCO worked and how the users would use our technology. From here, we created outstanding software solutions across the board.

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