A Home for Housing Repairs Online

A new approach is needed for the implementation and development of digital solutions in the online Social Housing Sector.

User requirements have moved on. And as a result, existing systems are struggling to keep pace.

It’s a huge challenge for the sector.  Since replacing existing legacy systems and processes is often not a viable option.   

Due to housing Managers, who need to look beyond the usual housing solutions sector to move forward, we developed VESTA.

imac screenshot

What is VESTA?

VESTA is Zaltek Digital’s in-house online Housing Management engineering platform. Hence developed to give an easy to implement, flexible solution for social housing related projects. 

Therefore, we built VESTA around three key areas:

  1. Customer access. Providing an easy to use, GDS compliant way for customers to record and manage their housing related issues.  
  2. Management Information. Bespoke dashboards to give you the management information you need to effectively and efficiently manage your tenants needs.
  3. Integration. Flexible API to connect and synchronize with the leading Housing Management Systems.

Built upon our existing JANUS platform and coupled with our expertise in API development and data management, VESTA is a complete development suite that provides all of the quality controls and cloud services to build, test and deploy a self-service solution for the management of repairs.

Why Zaltek?

While being in a separate sector, technology isn’t sector specific, the same principles apply universally.  It’s easy to buy from Housing Sector experts, but often the answers you seek have been solved by people outside your sector.  

We have already worked closely with government suppliers to transform their digital offering. Including working in the development of a cutting-edge app for the Marine Management Organisation and a knowledge management extranet for the Coastguard Service.

Our work with Sorted House – a recently launched find-a-tradesman platform, has enabled us to build the technology to oversee the full process of managing all three sides of the repair management triangle.  The user (customer), the tradesman (repairer) and the facilitator (the scheduler, or in your case, the housing manager).

Our work with Websand demonstrates our experience of managing huge data sets, creating technology to manage marketing processes, GDPR compliance, and the ability to seamlessly interconnect with thousands of integrations. 

So, if you’d like to find out more about VESTA then get in touch and we’ll set you up with a demo.