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Zaltek PC Systems

  • Zaltek PC Systems, established in 2015 believe in one simple rule that governs all our builds, from the stock budget system all the way through to the fully custom watercooled build. And that rule is simple and honest, intricate attention to detail and unparalleled build quality. Every single system that we build will become someone's pride and joy. We here at Zaltek apply this rule from the moment we take your order, throughout the build, into the delivery of your system and ongoing with our after sales customer support. We pride ourselves on the simple fact that we will endeavour to uphold this rule, always. Each and every system that passes through for delivery will have been custom built to order and passed our rigorous quality control, to ensure that every aspect of your custom built system is unique and meets our and your high standards.

  • Zaltek Custom Backplates

99.9% of the systems we build are not available on the high street. Here at Zaltek, we specialise in unique watercooled, overclocked performance systems built exactly to the your specification. Even our line of Pre-Configured Systems have been expertly designed and are constantly re-evaluated to ensure that we offer you the best possible performance at each and every price point, ensuring that you are not paying any extra for parts or performance that you don't require or need. The real magic happens in our unique custom built liquid cooled systems. Each and every one is built to the exact needs of the customer, from custom case mods, unique single, double and even triple cooling loops, personalised paint work and even airbrushing. Each and every one of these custom masterpieces are painstakingly built with an OCD level of attention to detail. Our specialist system builders make sure that every build comes complete with regular updates, lots of images and videos to make sure that you, the customer are completely overjoyed at every step of your custom build.