What we do

We develop digital products for fast-growing enterprises

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How we help

We help businesses create commercial value from bespoke software technology

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Our government solution

We support government suppliers to build and deliver technology for key projects

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Business Intelligence

We provide valuable insights with modern data analytics tooling.

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How we discover

We provide user research with a passion for insight and discovery

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Software Consultancy

Access industry-leading expertise when you need it. Bring Zaltek’s software consultants on board to bolster your team and achieve your goals without the hassle of recruitment

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Helping ambitious entrepreneurs and organisations take their business to the next level

At Zaltek Digital, we discover, develop and deliver exceptional software solutions for fast-growing enterprises. Every venture requires great ideas, but your organisation also needs to have the talent required to drive these ideas forward to deliver commercial success.

Whether you’re a startup, a scale-up or an established organisation, we can support your journey from idea through launch and all the way to long-term growth. From smart, functional websites, mobile apps and complex web-based platforms, as well as direct resource augmentation with our consultant offering, we’re your go-to provider for bespoke software development and software consultancy.

What we do

We help businesses create commercial value from bespoke software technology with expert-driven development services and bespoke consultancy support.

  • Bespoke Software & Technology Services

  • NHS & Public Sector Software Services

  • Managed IT & Cloud Services

  • Software Consultancy

  • Digital Transformations

Latest Case Studies

  • A publishing platform for UK councils

    At Zaltek we take a tech agnostic approach, believing that there’s no skeleton key to software development. Instead, we opt to use carefully selected technologies that excel in the given context, even if it means trying something new.

  • Safely switching off legacy software

    Safely switching off legacy software is an easy way to reduce running costs. Read on for how we helped the Coastguard remove their dependency on a legacy Content Management System without losing any of the content.

Software tailored to your needs

We build bespoke software that increases profitability and boosts efficiency for your business.

From vital software you need to take your enterprise to the next level to a bespoke solution at the core of your business model, we’ve got you covered. By choosing a bespoke software solution, you’ll have input at every stage: from design, development to delivery, choose Zaltek digital to transform your ideas into a reality.

Creating Commercial Value

Every product and service we build should provide value that comes back to your business goals. Whatever your business objectives, we will support you in building the right software to allow you to leap forward and grow as a business. So, let’s put our bright minds together, and together we can build something amazing.

Registered Provider for the North East Business Support Fund